Development of Information Systems (IS) represents a key factor of business competitiveness on both national and international levels. Managers and non-managers alike depend upon Information Systems for enhancing their business processes and decisions quality. Recent literatures show increasing demand on IS practitioners. The CCIS started in academic year 2009-2010 with four concentrations, which are Programming & Databases, Electronic-Commerce, Graphics & Multi-Media and Networking & Security Engineering. In Year 2012-2013 the CCIS has expanded to include an additional concentration in Software Engineering.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the proposed Bachelor of Science in IS are:

  • To provide academic programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and to prepare students for IS careers in various types of organizations both traditional and online.
  • To conduct research in the areas of IS for the advancement of the field and to facilitate the increasingly important role of IS professionals in the organizational decision making processes.
  • To serve the community by offering professional training for IS practitioners and other business practitioners working in the field.
  • To provide consultancy for government and both private and public sector organizations.
  • To encourage innovative ideas
  • To provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities through social activities