Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Network Engineering and Security

The mission of the proposed program is to prepare students for professional careers in Computer Networks and Security. The program focuses on the practical applications of Computer Networks and Security.  It aims also at conducting research that serves the needs of the local market of KSA and Gulf region. In this program, students will acquire professional skills in the expanding fields of Computer Networks and Security.

Program Objectives

  • The objectives of the proposed program are:
  • To provide academic program leading to the Bachelor of Engineering in Network Engineering and Security and to prepare students for their careers in various types of organizations both traditional and online.
  • To conduct research in the areas of Networks engineering and Security for the advancement of the field and to facilitate the increasingly important role of Network Engineering and Security professionals in different organizations.
  • To serve the community by offering professional training for Network Engineering and Security practitioners.
  • To provide consultancy for government and both private and public sector organizations.
  • To encourage innovative ideas
  • To provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities through social activities